Congrats! You just bought a house… well almost. At this point, while exciting it can also be a very stressful time for both the buyers and the sellers. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the results of the Home Inspection. While this isn’t really a pass-or-fail situation, it is about pointing out either issues or potential issues that could arise with that particular home.

It is then up to the buyer to absorb that information and find if it meets their comfort level. The home inspector isn’t there to tell you whether or not you should buy the home after the home inspection. It is up to the buyer and their REALTOR to discuss the issues.

Sometimes the costs will be significant regarding the issues that come up. This may give your REALTOR an opportunity to negotiate a better price for you or to get the sellers to fix the problem. But keep in mind it’s not always up to the sellers to fix or drop their price as a result of problems found in the home inspection. Maybe they already knew about them and the house had been priced accordingly.

Usually, a good agent will be able to evaluate and discuss the issues that come up during the Home Inspection and advise you accordingly.